How to Cope With Your Parents Divorcing?

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How to Be Supportive of Divorcing Parents As an Adult?

The divorce of parents is difficult regardless of your age. Older parents have different needs the children should considerParents divorce at all ages. When the parents of adult children divorce th... Read More »

How can extended family members help a teen if his or her parents are divorcing?

No, a blood relative is someone who is descended from someone that you are also descended from. A brother-in-law is related to you in that way.

How to Cope With Ill Parents?

If you're a child and one of your parents is ill, then you want to do everything you can to help. Telling your parent that you love him or her and you want to help can brighten up their day.

How to Cope With Being Unloved by Your Parents?

Parents are supposed to love, guide and protect their children. They are supposed to help them grow and develop as an independent person. It would be wonderful if all parents were this way. But let... Read More »