How to Cope With Visiting Family?

Answer Image:Ughfamilytime.jpegThis could be you...So you get all excited 'cause your cousins are coming in from out of town. But when they get to your house, they are NOT what you wanted them to be. They... Read More »

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How to Cope with Your Ex Visiting Frequently to See Your Baby?

If your ex is still involved in your baby's life, you might feel a little threatened by the fact that he is still about, more so if he was violent or unfriendly to you before the break up. Coping w... Read More »

How to Avoid Family when You/They Are Visiting?

You know when its Thanksgiving, Christmas, any holiday really and your family is with you. But you don't want them to be. Yeah, you know. Here you'll learn how to kindly avoid them.

Is the Kope family related to the Cope family?

The majority have no problem with the husbands immediate family. The one's that do are insecure for some reason.

How to Cope with Being From a Broken Family?