How to Cope With Sitting in the Back of the Classroom?

Answer Are you a hard working student who is stuck sitting in the back of the room? It can be tough to pay attention and take good notes when you're so far away from the action. This guide will show you h... Read More »

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How to Cope With Sitting Next to Gross People on the Bus?

Sometimes you must sit with the nose picker on the bus for a day. Or even a whole school year! This is how to cope with sitting next to them on the school bus.

How to Arrange Sitting In a Classroom?

Classroom seating can be arranged in a variety of ways in order to create one or more focal points in the room. There are many ways in which you can arrange sitting in a classroom to create a func... Read More »

Is it bad to crack your back after sitting in a chair?

No cracking your back occasionally isn't dangerous.But it is saying something about your posture. Maybe you should look into getting a better chair with good back support if you're going to be sitt... Read More »

Do you tilt your chair back when you're sitting on it?

Yeah all the time! And one time I fell backwards and REALLY hurt my head... :SBut I still do it, and I get told off if someone sees me doing it... :PWhat's this got to do with decorating and remode... Read More »