How to Cope With Living With Smokers Who Smoke Inside?

Answer As anyone who has had the experience will agree, being a non-smoker living with smokers can be annoying. And when they smoke inside, it's even worse. Find out how to cope with inconsiderate smokers... Read More »

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Smokers, why do you smoke?

im 13 and I have smoked but I just think this is b/c teens like me think its Icool and yes, I did think it was cool but then we watched a health video at school on it and I am gona try to not do it... Read More »

To all smokers - why do you smoke/?

I agree with you whole heartily and I AM A SMOKER! I started due to peer pressure when I was 16. I recently started taking Chantix and I am happy to say that I am smoke free 4 days so far. It is a ... Read More »

Ex Smokers or People who don't smoke!?

28, femaleyes for 15 yearswhen im around people who doi understand its a habit

Why do smokers still smoke when they're sick?

They are addicted to the nicotine. My favorite are those who usually smoke non-menthol but when they have a sore throat they switch to menthal (because it goes down smoother) lol!