How to Cope With Leaking Milk?

Answer If you have milk leakage, proceed as such to get rid of the embarrassment:

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How to Cope with a Milk Allergy?

Being lactose intolerant is no uncommon trait. Many who are lactose intolerant deal with it by avoiding dairy products altogether, but if you enjoy dairy products there are other answers. There are... Read More »

If you have tender breasts with milk leaking from them is this a sign of pregnancy or something else?

Answer Its either a sign of pregnancy or a milk duct infection. Answer You don't usually leak milk until late in pregnancy (if at all) so this may be a sign of a hormone imbalance unrelated to preg... Read More »

Im not pregnant Why are your breasts leaking milk?

Its more then likely a hormone imbalance its not serious but you should go see a doctor

Is leaking breast milk a symptom of pregnancy?

It's possible. Hormonal changes from pregnancy can do strange things... I hadn't even started to show when my milk (actually, the clear to white pre-milk substance, colostrum) came in for the first... Read More »