How to Cope With Finding out Your Child Has Attempted Suicide?

Answer This article attempts to address the emotional trauma after finding out your child attempted suicide.

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How to Be Friends with Someone Who Attempted Suicide?

Anyone who has attempted suicide needs true friends by his or her side. Being one can be difficult and challenging until the person works through whatever crisis propelled him or her to attempt the... Read More »

How to Recover from a Friend's Attempted Suicide?

This isn't the most orthodox situation, but it happens. You wake up one morning only to get a call from someone tells you that your friend has committed suicide. A few days, a week, or maybe a mont... Read More »

What are the chances of your sister getting full custody of her son if her husband attempted suicide a while back and recently killed someone in an accident where he was driving drunk?

Can child abuse be considered attempted murder?

Difficult to answer simply. No, not in a legal sense. Attempted murder is a completely different offence. Of course the attempted murder of a child IS abuse but the charge is different, it may al... Read More »