How to Cope With Feeling Stuck?

Answer When we feel stuck, getting our energy moving can feel like a Herculean challenge. It can seem as if we are glued to wherever we are, with no hope of a remedy.Feeling stuck can take a lot of forms.... Read More »

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How to Cope With Feeling Alone at Night?

It's tough when there is no one there to hold you at night or keep you company with laughter or comfort. So because the other side of your bed or sofa is empty or the other rooms in your home are v... Read More »

How to Cope with Feeling Abandoned?

Abandonment issues can result from a number of failed relationships. These commonly include friendships, relationships with family members and romantic relationships. When you feel as if you were a... Read More »

Why do I get this feeling like something's stuck to my teeth when I eat spinach?

Well hou see spinach is very visible and makes a lot of people self conscious. It contains oxalic acid that is released when you chew it. The saliva combines with it and I suppose this leaves a fil... Read More »

Stuck at work feeling nausea?

Don't resist, just go ahead and throw up. Body knows the best and is doing it for a reason..