How to Cope With Cancer?

Answer Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year. Learning how to cope with cancer can prevent your diagnosis from negatively affecting your self image, outlook on life, and can pos... Read More »

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How do i cope with child cancer diagnosis?

I am so sorry that your son was diagnosed with cancer, and you do have to have a strong front when you are both with him. I know in this forum there are those that have had children diagnosed with... Read More »

What do i do to cope with knowing my dad has cancer im lost!?

I am so sorry to hear about your dad had lung cancer too so I know how it goes. Its the hardest thing in the world to watch someone you love suffer and deteriorate before your eyes and k... Read More »

How do you cope emotionally with having Breast Cancer?

I'm sorry to hear you've had breast cancer. I have too.You don't say much about your cancer - whether there were lymph nodes involved or your grade, but it sounds as if your surgeon thinks that you... Read More »

How to Cope when Your Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer?

National Childhood Cancers Day 2/15You are told that your son or daughter has cancer. You freeze when you hear the words leave the doctors' mouth, your body goes numb. At first you don't believe hi... Read More »