How to Cope With Cancer?

Answer Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year. Learning how to cope with cancer can prevent your diagnosis from negatively affecting your self image, outlook on life, and can pos... Read More »

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How do I cope, my mom is dying of cancer?

xxxiv,This is a hard one,I know when my mom died I went kinda into shock,but you have to wake up dust off and do the things that need to be done, I hope you have other family support. First I'd lik... Read More »

My grandads got cancer! I can't cope!!?

Oh Kellie! I understand, hun as I have lost loved ones to cancer as well. It is NOT an easy road for anyone....the patient and the loved ones!I so, feel your pain! Hun, I am a Christian woman and I... Read More »

My dad has cancer and im really struggling to cope, can anyone offer help?

Contact the hospital he's being treated at and ask to speak to the McMillan nurse, they're there for relatives as well as patients they will lend a very sympathetic ear, and do a super job.

How do you cope emotionally with having Breast Cancer?

I'm sorry to hear you've had breast cancer. I have too.You don't say much about your cancer - whether there were lymph nodes involved or your grade, but it sounds as if your surgeon thinks that you... Read More »