How to Cope With Being a Virgin when Your Friends Aren't?

Answer Sometimes it's hard to relate to friends when they have had sex and you haven't. They may talk about what they've done and you feel left out or maybe they're pushing you to have sex. They might eve... Read More »

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How to Cope when Your Friends Don't Like Your Fiance?

He's the love of your life but your friends don't agree...When your friends aren't as over-the-moon about the groom as you are, what can you do to bring them round? For starters, keep calm and try ... Read More »

How to Cope if Friends Are Being Mean?

Having friends is really cool. We all know that, however, when friends start to turn their backs on you and are becoming mean to you, you should know how to respond.

How to Cope With Being Married to a Neat Freak when You Are a Slob?

They say opposites attract. Whether that's true or not, when two people come together in matrimony, there is a lot of change and adapting that needs to take place. Living together with someone will... Read More »

How to Cope With Your Mother Being a Prostitute?

To cope with a thing such as this, is emotionally stressing. It is a big thing to worry about, and if so - you have the right to get mad. But, if the community is severely distrustful, and it's har... Read More »