How to Cope Talking on the Phone With Someone You Don't Like?

Answer If you dislike talking on the phone with someone, it can be really difficult to manage a good conversation. Phone phobia is a real condition and there are websites devoted to helping people with th... Read More »

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I just dont think I can cope with TTC anymore....?

I can understand how tough this is for you. I believe you will conceive and that you are meant to have kids. Anyone who can show this level of devotion and persistence is meant to be a mother, and ... Read More »

Dont you hate it when people are talking on their cell phones while driving!?

I hear ya....cell phones and rubber neckers...HATE THEM!!!

Talking to spirits isnt the problem I have all my life but dont know how to control it. It has opened to wide.?

Beer, Wine, and Spirits is my new favorite subcategory.

When talking on cordless phone my kids in room are heard in my earpiece do i have a bad phone or is it my line?

You need to see if you set different channels for your cordless phone.Wireless can cause distortion to electronic devices such as ear pieces or even other wireless devices.It has nothing at all to ... Read More »