How to Cope After Being Abused by the Now Ex Wife?

Answer Having lived in an abusive relationship, there are going to be many confusing thoughts and feelings that arise in you. At times they may come up like a wave, washing over you in a all-encompassing ... Read More »

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In Georgia how can I obtain custody of my 16 year old niece who is being abused by my brother and his wife?

No she does not. Until you go to court the parent who is in possession of the child has custody.

Do children attempt suicide after being abused?

Answer depending on whether the child can find help or confidence to talk to someone about the bullying. its normal for the child to ignore it to an extent that they cannot take it anymore. the be... Read More »

Can being a child and being abused affect your future?

Dramatically. Most criminals and serial killers all were abused as children and ended up badly.

How to Cope with the Depression of a Dog Who's Been Abused?

You received your new bright eyed and shiny dog with open hearts and hands. Sadly, your dog doesn’t do the same. You try everything, but your pup just stay’s the same. Perhaps he stays curled u... Read More »