How to Coordinate an Office Potluck?

Answer An office potluck accomplishes several things. Not only does it allow coworkers to show off their culinary talents and share recipes but it also provides an informal and inexpensive way to celebrat... Read More »

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What side should I bring to the office potluck?

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What should I take to a potluck?

Some of the biggest winners at a Potluck are the simple things.Go to Costco or the likes and buy either a large bag of meatballs, or a large bag of hot wings. Heat, put in slowcooker pot and bring ... Read More »

Food for potluck?

I have two recipes that I use all the time that are quick easy and everyone likes.Pasta Salad1 box tri colored pasta1 bottle of low fat zesty italian salad dressingYou can dress this up any way you... Read More »