How to Cool Down a Room Naturally?

Answer The combination of heat and humidity makes people feel uncomfortable during the summer months. Keep your home comfortable when the temperature rises by cooling down a room naturally. When you use n... Read More »

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How to Cool Down a Room?

With the steady increase in energy prices, many Americans are looking for cost-effective ways to reduce their air-conditioning use without being miserable all summer. Fortunately, there is a wide r... Read More »

I can't cool down my room?

Put one of the fans in the door to the rest of the house and see if it will draw some of the air into your room. Ask your mother if you can have a box fan. They sell for around $16.00 in Wal Ma... Read More »

Do you always put toilet paper down on the seat in a public rest room before sitting down?

No,never,not one time. And I tell you what gets on my nerves more then anything is the girls who are afraidto frikkin sit on the toilet. They pee all over the seat doing the hover squirt. It's nast... Read More »

How to Slow Down the Aging Process Naturally?

Aging is a natural process but the effects of aging on your body and mind depend on your lifestyle choices. Taking care of your body both inside and out ensures health in appearance and attitude. H... Read More »