How to Cook or Boil Whole Grains for Horses?

Answer Boiled Barley is not only good for your horse, it smells great too!Boiled grains are a great way to fatten and put weight on horses. The not only provide the natural vitamins and minerals, but they... Read More »

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How to cook uncle ben's boil in bag rice?

buy basmati rice cook with a pan of water and a t sppon of butter

How long do you boil chicken to cook it?

According to, you boil a whole chicken for about 1 hour to cook it. Use a meat thermometer to check that the internal temperature of the chicken is at least 160 degrees Fa... Read More »

Do you need to boil pork spare ribs to cook them?

On One Hand: Why Parboil?Parboiling pork spare ribs before finishing them off on the grill is sometimes recommended as a way to shorten cooking time and, secondarily, as a method of removing some o... Read More »

Can I use a pot to cook food after I've used it to boil shredded paper that had ink on it?

In my honest opinion ... I wouldn't use the pot to cook food in ever again. For one .. you don't know 100% for sure that you've cleaned all the toxins out of the pot when you wash it. I'd chock tha... Read More »