How to Cook for an Elderly Person?

Answer As people age, their tastebuds loose the ability to detect flavors in food; as a result, food starts to loose its flavor and taste bland. Salty and sweet are the first tastes to go, followed by sou... Read More »

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How to Be a Companion to an Elderly Person?

A companion to seniors can play a valuable role in supervising and supporting senior citizens who live independently. A senior may become isolated as health declines and everyday activities become ... Read More »

Can an elderly person take oxybutynin?

Yes an elderly person can take oxybutynin, but the patient should tell his/her doctor if they have glaucoma, liver or kidney disease, an enlarged prostate, myasthenia gravis, ulcerative colitis, a ... Read More »

How to Have a Conversation With an Elderly Person?

It may sound silly, but sometimes trying to have a conversation with an elderly person is a little intimidating! What do you talk about with them? How do you carry the conversation? The good news i... Read More »

How to Look Like An Elderly Person for Halloween?

Applying make-up to make someone look older is a relatively simple process that can be perfected with practice. If you're doing this for Halloween, be sure to do a few trial runs beforehand so that... Read More »