How to Cook for Just Yourself?

Answer Feeding just yourself is tougher than it sounds. Even if you get yourself motivated to bother and begin to think outside the TV dinner box, you will quickly find that most supermarket portions are ... Read More »

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What are the main meals you cook for yourself at home ?

i cook homemade pizzas alot. eggplant, salami and ricotta is one of my regulars. um pastas like cabonara and bolognaise. i normally cook things that i can have for lunch at work the next day. tomat... Read More »

How to Like Yourself Just As You Are Right Now?

There are times in our life when we feel down, stuck, miserable, apathetic and full of self-hatred. Most people have down days where they question their lives, who they are what they do, where they... Read More »

Can you cook beef brisket just like a pot roast?

On One Hand: Pot Roast MethodBeef brisket can be prepared just like a pot roast, slow cooking in liquid and vegetables for at least three hours. The brisket should be browned on both sides in a fry... Read More »

How much do you spend on food a week for just yourself?

That's the thing: I don't shop for just myself. The math changes once you feed more than one person.Anyway, my total grocery budget for two lacto-ovo vegetarian adults, one cat and until recently t... Read More »