How to Cook a Raw Ham Shank?

Answer A ham shank is the bottom part of a hog's leg. The shank meat cut comes as a portion, a half, or a whole shank. The portion shank will often have the center steaks removed. The half or whole shank ... Read More »

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How to Cook a Ham Shank?

Ham shank is the lower half of the rear leg of a hog. It contains a portion of the femur bone and the hip joint. Ham can be fresh, cured or cooked. Cured ham has salt and various chemicals added, p... Read More »

Should I shank my boss?

Get him to sign for everything you give him from now on...then he might get the picture. How can he be successful if he's such a twit?Is he trying to find ways to fire you that will get him away f... Read More »

How to De Shank Pointe Shoes?

This is a constructive guide on how to de-shank pointe shoes. These de-shanked versions can be worn in place of regular ballet flat shoes and help the dancer prepare for performing en pointe since ... Read More »

How much does a lamb shank weigh?

According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, a lamb shank weighs approximately 1 lb. You can expect to get about ½ lb. meat off the shank, as the remainder is bone. It must be cooked for hours... Read More »