How to Cook a Lobster?

Answer Lobsters can be boiled or broiled but steaming is more convenient and tastier. Maine Lobsters are superb when cooked the traditional way by simply steaming or boiling.

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Is a male lobster or female lobster best to cook?

Both male and female lobsters can be cooked and eaten. Some prefer female lobsters because the wider tail of the female contains more meat. Others prefer males that generally tend to grow larger cl... Read More »

How to Cook Lobster Under the Broiler?

Whether they're called Maine lobsters, Atlantic lobsters, Northern lobsters or American lobsters, bringing home a couple of live ones can turn dinner into an occasion. American lobster is prized ... Read More »

How do I cook lobster tails?

Cooking lobster tails can be a simpler alternative to preparing an entire crustacean, especially if it's your first time. Smaller, less unwieldy and just as flavorful as if the rest of the lobster ... Read More »

Can you cook lobster in a microwave?

You can cook lobster in a microwave. One easy way is to take lobster halves (freshly cut) and put them flesh-side up in a microwave-safe dish, preferably glass. Season with salt, pepper, butter and... Read More »