How to Cook With a Cast Iron Roaster?

Answer Your great-great grandmother probably considered her cast-iron roaster a prized possession. Pioneers found them indispensable because of their versatility. Cast iron's heavy-duty construction means... Read More »

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How to Cook in Cast Iron Cookware?

Cared for correctly, cast iron cookware will last for years. When cast iron is seasoned the right way, the surface becomes similar to that of a nonstick surface. Cast iron is made of a porous mater... Read More »

How do I cook in a cast-iron skillet?

Season Your SkilletCast-iron skillets cook best once they have been "seasoned." Before use, coat your skillet with grease (bacon grease, lard or solid shortening works well), then place it in a ove... Read More »

Does any one still cook on a cast iron skillet?

Yes, my mom's got a baby #3, a #5, two #8s, a #10, a #12, and a #14 that she can't use in the house any more because it doesn't fit on the burner. She uses that one out on the BBQ. She got all of... Read More »

How to Cook Home Fries in a Cast Iron Pot?

Home fries are one of the simplest dishes for any novice to prepare. All that's required is some cooked potatoes, a bit of oil or butter and a heavy-bottomed skillet or pot that will brown the pota... Read More »