How to Cook Stromboli Over a Campfire?

Answer Next time you go on a camping trip, consider cooking over a campfire. Not only does campfire cooking allow you to eat "real food," like stromboli, but when you are out in the wild, it also has an u... Read More »

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How to Make Coffee Using a Percolating Coffee Pot over a Campfire?

There is no longer a need for the coffee addict to dodge camping events. No more will the coffee lover have to invent unexpected business trips or new allergies. The campfire will now become a safe... Read More »

If you run over a cat is it legal to cook it?

How do i cook over a fire pit?

SkewerPut small pieces of vegetables and meat, such as steak cubes, chicken, small hens, quail, scallops and shrimp, on skewers to keep them from burning or getting dropped into the pit.Use a Grill... Read More »

How to Cook over Easy Eggs?

Cooking over easy eggs is truly easy if you use the proper utensil - a wide flat heat resistant silicone spatula.