How to Cook Sea Urchin?

Answer A sea urchin is one of those foods that you see and wonder what kind of crazy chef thought it might be a good thing to eat. Despite its prickly, unappetizing appearance, sea urchin, or "uni" as it ... Read More »

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What does the sea urchin eat?

Seaweed, also referred to as kelp, is the primary component of a sea urchin’s diet, according to Stanford University. Sea urchins may also exhibit cannibalistic tendencies, and might try to eat o... Read More »

What is a sea urchin?

Sea urchins are small animals that can be found in any ocean. Sea urchins are members of the Echinoidea class and somewhat resemble smell hedgehogs or porcupines because of their spiky appearance.A... Read More »

What are sea urchin predators?

Sea urchins are spherical ocean creatures covered with poky spines. Sea urchins feed on kelp and seaweed, helping reefs and tidal areas from becoming overrun with seaweed. Sea urchins have a handfu... Read More »

Is a sea urchin a decomposer?

Sea urchins are not classified as decomposers, but as scavengers, which are animals that feed on dead plant and animal matter. Decomposers, such as bacteria, break down any organic matter that the ... Read More »