How to Cook Rosti?

Answer Rosti is a wonderful breakfast dish.Rosti is a Swiss German dish that is basically fried potatoes. It is very tasty ( depending on your tastes) and doesn't require much learning or skill to make it... Read More »

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What is potato rosti?

Potato rosti is traditionally a Swiss dish that consists of fried grated potatoes. They are also be referred to as hash browns and can be served in diners or made at home.IngredientsThe main ingred... Read More »

I want to cook my boyfriend a really nice meal on Friday night what should i cook?

steak always goes down good, mayb wit new pots.

If I put an egg in a bowl of water and cook in the microwave, will it cook?

BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! messy messy me now? dont listen to the people that say cook/\/\/\/\/

If you cook pasta and cover the pot with a lid, does it cook faster?

No, because it boils over and you have to remove the lid anyway.I believe the boxes all say "boil uncovered stirring occasionally..." for a reason.Ziti is the best for baked ziti, otherwise it woul... Read More »