How to Cook Pasta Al Dente?

Answer Al Dente is Italian for 'to the teeth' and it refers to pasta that is cooked just long enough that it is neither crunchy nor too soft, and its texture appeals to the teeth. Al Dente pasta is simply... Read More »

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What's al dente pasta to you exactly?

If it's spaghetti, it should still have a little bit of white in the core when you bite into it. That's the only way I know of telling aside from chewing a couple of pieces. Al dente to me means th... Read More »

If you cook pasta and cover the pot with a lid, does it cook faster?

No, because it boils over and you have to remove the lid anyway.I believe the boxes all say "boil uncovered stirring occasionally..." for a reason.Ziti is the best for baked ziti, otherwise it woul... Read More »

How do i cook with a pasta pan?

Place the colander insert inside the pan and fill it with water. A one pound box of pasta noodles require five quarts of water. Bring water to a boil.Add your desired amount of pasta and cook for t... Read More »

How to Cook Pasta?

Whether you’re a starving college student or a kitchen connoisseur, pasta has something to offer. It’s affordable, easy to master, and can be made in endless combinations. To cook pasta, follow... Read More »