How to Cook Mussels and Paella?

Answer Paella is a Spanish dish made with rice, meat and/or seafood. Saffron is a key ingredient, and it gives the dish a vibrant yellow color. Paella is usually cooked and served in a shallow pan and is ... Read More »

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How to Cook Seafood Paella?

There are lots of different ingredient options for elaborating a delicious arroz (rice) or a Spanish paella. In Spain there are many regional variations and here´s a relatively simple but traditio... Read More »

How to Cook Mussels?

It is simple to cook mussels by steaming. This article provides some information on how to choose, clean and steam the mussels.

Can you fry in a paella pan?

While the word "paella" is commonly associated with the traditional Spanish dish, the word comes from the Latin word "patella," which means "pan." A paella pan is essentially a large, round frying ... Read More »

What is a paella pan called?

The Spanish dish paella, consisting of saffron-infused rice with seafood, other meats and vegetables, is native the country's Valencia region. There, the pan that paella is cooked in is called a "p... Read More »