How to Cook Meat on a Spit?

Answer Meat cooked over a spit is essentially a chunk of meat slow-roasted over a fire. Just as with oven roasting, cooking meat over a spit takes a long time, but a beef or pork roast over a fire is juic... Read More »

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If I chew on a piece of meat, but always spit it out before I swallow it, can I call myself a vegetarian?

If you're drinking mescal, do you take the worm at the bottom, shake it, and yell "spit it out, spit it out"?

Good one, you get a star. Thanks for the chuckle.

How do I Cook Red Wolf Meat?

Killing the red wolf in World of Warcraft gives you the ability to collect meat, pelts, teeth and claws. You are able to eat the meat and rib segments of the red wolf once you have collected enough... Read More »

How to Cook Meat in RuneScape?

Meat is one of the most basic foods to cook, along with fish. You'll also need to cook some meat products for quests and to make other foods as well. Here is a guide on cooking meat in RuneScape.