How to Cook Lobster on Your Charcoal Grill?

Answer Maine lobsters are delicious any way they are cooked, but for a real treat that brings back memories of an old time lobster bake on the beach, you gotta try this one. Ayah!

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How do I cook sausages on a charcoal grill?

Build a mound of charcoal and a few wads of newspaper in a triangular formation, and light it with a match. Keep the grill covered while the charcoal heats. Continue heating until the charcoal turn... Read More »

How to Cook Pork Chops on a Charcoal Grill?

Cooking pork chops on a barbecue grill is an exercise in the culinary arts. Decisions must be made regarding grilling thick or thin chops; whether to season the chops by brining, marinating or dry-... Read More »

How long do you cook chicken on a charcoal grill?

All chicken cooked on a grill should reach an internal temperature of 180 degrees. Boneless chicken should be cooked for 30 to 45 minutes and chicken legs or thighs with the bone in should be grill... Read More »

How to Cook Country Style Pork Ribs on a Charcoal Grill?

Country style pork ribs taste great on the BBQ, but when using a charcoal grill, some preparation is needed to ensure that they are cooked properly. This is because the temperature cannot be manual... Read More »