How to Cook Green Split Peas?

Answer Green split peas offer a variety of nutrients and make for a hearty meal. Here is how to cook them.

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How long does it take to cook yellow split peas?

Yellow split peas do not require soaking and will cook in 30 to 45 minutes. Before cooking yellow split peas, rinse and pick over them to remove any dirt or stones.Source:Start Cooking: Beans, Spli... Read More »

What is the difference between yellow&green split peas?

Green and yellow peas are similar in the way they are cooked and eaten, such as in soups, but the yellow variety has a hardier, earthier flavor.SubstitutesIf a recipe calls for green peas, it is fi... Read More »

Are lentils split peas?

No, they aren't the same. While lentils and split peas are both a variety of lentil, they come from different plants, they are shaped differently and are used for different recipes.Source:Legumes

How many carbs in split peas?

Split peas are the dried and halved seeds of the legume Pisum Sativum, which grow in pods that contain several peas per pod. A serving is equal to one cup of cooked split peas and contains approxim... Read More »