How to Cook Giant Puffballs (Fungus)?

Answer Giant puffball mushrooms are a large, round fungus without a stem and with much flesh. If you're not sure what they are, check them out on Wikipedia, which also explains which ones are not safe to ... Read More »

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How do giant puffballs get food?

The giant puffball is one of the largest mushrooms. However, the puffball is only one part of this fungus. The rest of the organism, including the parts that obtain food, is hidden from view.Identi... Read More »

Did Romans cook with giant clay ovens?

Yes Romans DID cook their food in giant clay ovens.

Puffballs Are Growing in My Yard?

Puffballs describe mushrooms of a particular shape: domed and round. This is not one particular type of mushroom but rather a collection of mushroom species that appear similar. Many of these puf... Read More »

Although he looks like a giant canary what Sesame Street character insists that he's a giant condor?