How to Cook French Beef Stew?

Answer In this step by step process you will learn how to cook French Beef Stew. It is a quick and easy stew that only takes 10 minutes of prep time and only an hour to cook. The hearty flavor of this ste... Read More »

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Can you cook beef stew in a slow cooker?

On One Hand: Cooking Beef Stew By Slow CookerBeef stew can be prepared by slow cooker. Recipe ingredients may vary widely. However, common ingredients often include beef stew meat, carrots, potatoe... Read More »

Chicken Stew or Beef stew Which do you like better?

I'll please take the beef, thank you, Scooter!

Should beef be dredged in flour when making Beef Stew?

Answer 1:It adds thickness to the liquid and seems to coat everything if you like that kind of stew.Answer 2:I have been making stews for over 30yrs and I have never 'dredge' beef in flour. Just cu... Read More »

What else can i put in beef stew besides beef carrots and potato, and onion?

Mix and match any of these:Barleysmall pastameatballsceleryturnipceleriaccabbageleeksrutabegaGuinnessred wineV8 or Bloody Mary mixMushrooms (last 15 minutes, or they get terribly waterloged)jalepen... Read More »