How to Cook Food in a Bad Oven?

Answer Do you have one of those ovens that only seems to cook on one side? The ideal solution is to repair or replace the oven, but that's not always an option. If you have to make do, here are some thing... Read More »

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Is it bad to cook and eat food from a dirty oven?

Yes it may harm you and your child because germs grows on dirt.Be careful in this period because what you eat the same food is transmitted to your baby so clean oven after using it.

Some ovens have a fan to circulate the hot air inside the oven cavity and to make food cook more quickly What is this an example of?

The refrigerator shelf life of Iced Tea is 3 to 4 days. If it smells funny or tastes funny - throw it out! You don't want your tea to smell and taste like that nasty tea served at fast food restaur... Read More »

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven?

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How to Cook Pizza in a Gas Oven?

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