How to Cook Chicken With Red Peppers & Chili Powder?

Answer Red bell peppers and chili powder are both from the red pepper family, which is known for adding heat and spice to dishes. But they're also powerful antioxidants because of the presence of capsaici... Read More »

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How Would You Cool Down Chili That Has Too Much Chili Powder in It?

So you made a delicious pot of chili, perfect for a cold night at home ... except for one thing. You used too much chili powder, and the chili's too spicy for comfort. Don't worry. You don't have t... Read More »

How to Add Chili Powder to Meals to Help With Gastric Emptying?

Cayenne pepper has many health benefits such as tempering headaches, lowering cholesterol and cleansing the intestinal tract. Cayenne pepper is different than chili powder. Chili powder makes food ... Read More »

Chili powder vs chili seasoning?

Can i cook pasta with chili in a crock pot?

You can put pasta in the crock pot with the chili, but not right away. Cook the ingredients, except for the pasta, on high for up to five hours. Then add the pasta and cook for another hour or unti... Read More »