How to Cook Chicken Over a Fire?

Answer Chicken pleases in manifold forms. Baked or fried, the bird's flesh can provide savory flavor. However, preparing the poultry over an open flame can result in different, delicious results. Sizzling... Read More »

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Stupid question.......when using chicken on pizza do you cook the chicken 1st or cook it on the pizza?

only cooked meats go on a pizza..never raw

How do i cook over a fire pit?

SkewerPut small pieces of vegetables and meat, such as steak cubes, chicken, small hens, quail, scallops and shrimp, on skewers to keep them from burning or getting dropped into the pit.Use a Grill... Read More »

How to Cook a Chicken Leg?

A chicken leg may be a drumstick: from 'ankle' to 'knee' or a Maryland cut: from 'ankle' to 'hip-joint'. Use your imagination or search the anatomy of poultry/chicken to find out more.

How to Cook a Whole Chicken?

Whole chicken is inexpensive and makes a nutritious main dish. Many different seasonings and cooking methods can be used to vary the taste of a whole chicken. Whole chicken cooked at moderate tempe... Read More »