How to Cook Cheesy Potatoes?

Answer Potatoes generally taste a lot better with cheese on them, but often, it's hard to figure out how to do this. It's quite easy, and only requires a few minutes.

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How many potatoes do I cook to make mashed potatoes to feed 14 people?

To make enough mashed potatoes to feed 14 people, you will need approximately a dozen medium potatoes, or four pounds. This will result in a 1/2 cup serving per person, and you'll have enough for ... Read More »

How to Cook New Potatoes?

As soon as new potatoes form under the potato vines in your garden, you can dig them up and cook them to eat. At this early stage, the potato skin is very thin. The potatoes are full of moisture an... Read More »

How to Cook Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potato can be a great, cheap, wholesome staple food. Combined with some sausages and gravy, it's one of the best British meals ever invented: Bangers and Mash. Here is a guide to creating lo... Read More »

How to Cook Fingerling Potatoes?

Fingerling potatoes get their name because they are long and slender, so they resemble fingers on someone's hand. These potatoes are low in starch and tend to hold their shape better than other pot... Read More »