How to Cook Carrot Threads?

Answer Carrot threadsCarrots contain plentiful β-carotene which is metabolised into vitamin A in humans. Carrots are also rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, and minerals. But carrots' nutrition can be ... Read More »

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Whats the difference between plumbing pipe threads and conduit pipe threads?

Answer Plumbing pipe threads are squared and conduit pipe threads are tapered.

How to Put Threads on a Fiberglass Rod?

Wrapping threads on a fiberglass rod will ensure the guides stay in place. Thread can also be used to make decorative designs on the rod blank. Wrapping thread requires practice, especially for the... Read More »

How to Fix Stripped Threads in an Oil Pan?

Because the oil drain plug is made of softer metal than the bolt hole in the oil pan, it's a rarer occasion to strip threads in the pan. Stating this fact does not mean the threads in the pan canno... Read More »

How to Tat With Two Threads?

Tatting with two threads is sometimes required by a more complex project.