How to Cook Beef Loin Tri Tips?

Answer Beef loin tri tip roast is tender when grilled, broiled or baked correctly. Busy consumers will appreciate this affordable, easy-to-prepare and quick-cooking cut of meat. When cooking, grilling or ... Read More »

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How to Trim a Beef Loin Tenderloin and a Full Filet Mignon?

It is possible to cut filet steaks from the entire trimmed strip of beef tenderloin. Traditionally filet and filet mignon steaks come from the center of the strip, which is most consistent in size,... Read More »

How long should I cook a loin roast?

According to the Cook's Thesaurus, pork loin roast should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees to be considered safe to eat. The Food Network's Paula Deen calls for her Apple Stuffed... Read More »

How to Cook Country-Style Pork Loin Ribs?

Upon hearing the name you might assume country-style pork loin ribs refer to a cooking method. However, the title actually refers to the cut of meat. Country-ribs are cut from the pig's shoulder ar... Read More »

Can you cook beef and chicken together?

On One Hand: Different Cooking TimesAccording to the U.S. Department of Agriculture food safety sheets on beef and chicken, the two different kinds of meat require different cooking times to ensure... Read More »