How to Convince a Windows User to Switch to Linux?

Answer We have all experienced the horrors of Windows at one time or another, and many of you are using Macs at the moment but no one deserves Windows and Macs are pricey. The computer geeks of the world ... Read More »

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How to Create and Manage Microsoft Windows User Profiles With a Linux Server?

Samba has made running a Windows domain with a Linux server a reality but there are a few drawbacks. Samba is usually a bit behind the most current version of Windows Server but there are a few too... Read More »

How to Switch from Linux/UNIX to Windows?

There are many valid reasons one may want or need to switch to Windows. Perhaps because of a new job where the entire office is using Windows, or because of a game that doesn't run well in Wine or ... Read More »

How to Hack Into a Windows User Account Using the Net User Command?

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How do I add a user to a group in Linux?

Add an Existing User to a GroupThe usermod command can be used to modify the group affiliation of an existing user. To add an existing user to a group, use usermod -a -G [group] [user name]. For ex... Read More »