How to Convince a Reluctant Relative to Visit a Doctor?

Answer Many people dread going to the doctor for a variety of reasons. If this is true for someone you care about, and it is likely that they have a health problem that should be treated, the following st... Read More »

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How to Visit a Relative You Can't Stand?

Some people can't stand their relatives, this article will show you how to maintain your sanity when you visit them, assuming your relative lives more than a few hours away.

Is it smart to visit a dying relative?

I think the question is do you think it will make her happy to think that you would bother to fly out to see her at this time and would you regret not making the effort to see her and talk to her i... Read More »

How to Convince a Relative to Leave an Abusive Husband?

Abusive boyfriends/husbands are scary--they convince you they need you (this is because they don't want you to leave them, once they start becoming abusive) and then, eventually, you are convinced ... Read More »

What is the most affordable way to send a 9-year-old child to visit a relative in another city?

Children travelling alone Uaually by plane actually. Trains are usually more expensive and buses aren't safe enough. Book the flight well in advance and be flexible about the date and time. This w... Read More »