How to Convince Your Spouse to Let a Parent Move In?

Answer So, the tables have turned. Instead of you living with your parents, Mom or Dad wants to move in with you! Unfortunately, your significant other may not be very pleased with the arrangement.

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How to Let a Parent Move In with You and Your Spouse?

We all love our parents a lot. They've helped us through our entire lives and when they need our help, we are just too willing to help. However your spouse may be a little against the idea. Here's ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Elderly Parent to Move to a Senior Residence?

As people get older, they sometimes find it hard to accept they need to move to a senior residence. You know it is best for your elderly relatives to move, but how do you convince them to?

Can a custodial parent seek child support payments from the non custodial parent's new spouse if non custodial parent is unemployed?

Answer No. She has no legal responsability to the children. Only if she were to legally adapt them would she be responsibable. Answer No. Only the biological parents have any responsibility fo... Read More »

Is it legal for a 16-year-old to move out of a parent's home to another parent without custody in Washington state?

Answer No. The child has to file for emancipation (divorce her parents), or her parents would have to sign off parental rights and / or make the new parents legal guardians.