How to Convince Your Spouse of the Value of Working from Home?

Answer Your spouse is an important factor in your decision to work from home. If he or she isn't happy with the arrangement, you won't be off to a very sound start. Getting them on side is an important fi... Read More »

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Can an employer use the working spouse rule to force a self-employed spouse to get her own health insurance when the premiums would exceed her income?

Answer No,Working Spouse RuleIf both you and your spouse work for Vought Aircraft, one of you can opt out of medical and dental coverage and the other spouse can cover both of you. Or, each spouse ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Spouse to Follow Your Expectations?

Someone said the greatest asset of any person is a supportive partner. How do you build and maintain such a relationship?

How to Convince Your Spouse to Let a Parent Move In?

So, the tables have turned. Instead of you living with your parents, Mom or Dad wants to move in with you! Unfortunately, your significant other may not be very pleased with the arrangement.

What is the traditional ira tax deduction for a non-working spouse?

Contributions made to traditional IRAs for a non-working spouse are usually tax deductible. The taxable income of the working spouse must meet or exceed the amount of both spouse's IRA contribution... Read More »