How to Convince Your Parents to Turn Down Their Loud Music in the Car?

Answer Have you ever been riding in the car, your little brother screaming, and so hot that you swear you're in an oven. All of a sudden, you hear loud music blarring out of the speakers "SHE'S GONE COUNT... Read More »

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How do you convince your parents to let you go up and down the streets for excercise?

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Move out when You Turn 16?

These steps only work if followed correctly! And it is extremely hard for most teens. This advice will work best with teens who have a good track record (manners, no bad marks, don't argue excessiv... Read More »

How to Get Your Parents to Let You Play Your Music Loud?

Are you tired of having your parents yelling at you to keep down your music? This article will tell you how that can be stopped.

Why do people who listen to loud music on their head phones are in danger of losing their hearing?

They are called Beats (b) and they are by hip hop artist Dr. DR E