How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Watch Gossip Girl if They Don't Approve?

Answer Sometimes parents don't approve of certain TV shows such as Gossip Girl. Here is how to convince them to let you watch.

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What should a 16year old girl do if she is pregnant by her 17year old boyfriend and the parents dont approve of him?

AnswerIt's up to you. No one can make you do anything. He can't get into trouble because you both were/are underage when the conception occured. If you want the baby, that's all that matters and th... Read More »

How to Tell Your Parents You are Following a Religion They Don't Approve of?

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Watch Wrestling?

Do you hear kids in school talk about WWE or TNA? Do you want to watch too, but you're not allowed? This will convince your parents to let you watch WWE or TNA.

Convince what if your parents to let you get an iPhone 3Gs if they say you don't need a cell phone and they wont let you pay for half or all of it of it?

OKAY all you gotta do is make a list on the computer wait till your parents are together and read it to them also give them each a copy of the list you print out check your spelling exp. why I sh... Read More »