How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Marry Girl of Your Choice?

Answer You have this girl you love, but your parents don't approve?

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Watch Gossip Girl if They Don't Approve?

Sometimes parents don't approve of certain TV shows such as Gossip Girl. Here is how to convince them to let you watch.

Adoptees in reunion - did your parents go on to marry after your relinquishment?

No, mine didn't get married. But my birthmother did get married to another man about a year after I was placed for adoption, and yes they are still married. She also went on to have kids after me, ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents That ADD Medication Is Affecting Your Concentration?

Your parents think your medication for ADD/ADHD is helping but you think it is making things worse. Unfortunately they have the last word, but good hard facts can change their minds.

How to Convince Your Friend's Parents to Let Your Friend Sleep Over?

Convincing the parents of your friend to let you stay over can be extremely easy, or difficult depending on the persons involved.