How to Convince Your Parents to Give You Space As a College Student?

Answer It can be an unexpected challenge to convince your parents to allow you more breathing room, now that you're in college. Chances are they don't mean to be so overbearing, they're just a little frea... Read More »

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Become an Exchange Student?

So you want to be an Exchange Student and convince your parents that it would be for the best? Well here's few tips for you.

How to Convince Your Parents to Give You a Key to the House?

Sometimes parents are not sure if it is safe to give you house keys. If you lost them it could cause a lot of trouble and changing locks can be very expensive. However, house keys are often useful.

If you are a college student and on your parents insurance If you withdraw from a class and it puts you at under full time status 12 credit hours for the semester am you still covered on your parents?

Answer Maybe. :) It depends on the insurance policy, actually. It depends also on how old you are, and why the insurance is covering you. Some policies are written to only cover full-time stude... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Give You More Freedom?

"It's just not fair!" you want to scream as you are told yet again that you can't do something. Why won't your parents let you do what you want? What's the deal? How can you convince your parents t... Read More »