How to Convince Your Parents to Get You Contacts if You Just Got Glasses?

Answer So you need vision correction, but don't want o wear glasses. There is a solution, contact lenses. Here are some ways to help convince your parents that contacts are a good idea for you.

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Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.

Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?

No, I don't think you're an a hole, I actually think you're doing her a favor. Geesh, what the hell is Jenny's problem?

How do I convince my parents to let me drive just on the back roads in my neigborhood with a permit?

Yeah, what's the point of having a "learner" permit if they wont give you a chance TO learn. It's time for some WHINING!They have no reason to say no if they are along for the ride, especially out ... Read More »

How strong a prescription are your glasses/contacts?

Contacts sit on the eye whereas glasses sit approximately 12 mm in front of the eye. Therefore, we have to vertex or alter the prescription to account for that distance. The higher the prescripti... Read More »