How to Convince Your Mom/Dad to Let You Go to a Concert?

Answer Are you stuck, in your house with nothing to do? Or are you sad that you can't go? Bored, or lonely? You might be thinking I really wanna go but they won't let me! Parents over-protective? Or it's ... Read More »

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Go to a Concert/Convention/Etc?

So, you just heard your favourite band are touring the country? Or, that your favourite television show is having a convention? There's just one problem: Parents. Here's how to overcome it.

How to convince my mum to let me go to a concert?

Depends what concert is it - if they're decent and well-known, it's worth trying to convince her. If they're an obscure band in a venue where drugs and drink are readily available, you've got no ch... Read More »

How can I convince my mom to let me go to this concert?

Mention the fact your going with your friend and her adult cousin and that their parents are fine with it, also say that she can trust you and you'll still go to school the following day and that s... Read More »

How do I convince my parents to let me go to a concert?

ask him which concerts he went to when he was young and how his parents felt about that.