How to Convince Your Mom to Give Your Girlfriend a Chance?

Answer Sometimes, parents (and especially your mom) will not click instantly with your girlfriend. This can cause a lot of conflict at home and with your girl! Here are some tips to make things go easier.

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My girlfriend is 14 and I'm 17 We both live in Ohio and she might be pregnant Is there a chance of me going to jail?

No, because you're both minors. But when you turn 18, things might change. 14-17 and 14-18 are legally very different things. It's a borderline situation, and the laws are complicated so I can't gi... Read More »

How can I convince my girlfriend that she really can eat nuts?

Wax them. Presentation is everything. Nothing makes me drool like smooth, polished nuts.

How can I convince my girlfriend to eat nuts?

Ask her if she will just try a little lick first until she gets used to the flavor.

How to Convince Someone to Break up With Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Everyone has been there. With either a intense desire to protect the person or wanting them for themself, it's time to convince them to break up with their current squeeze.