How to Convince Your Mom to Give Your Girlfriend a Chance?

Answer Sometimes, parents (and especially your mom) will not click instantly with your girlfriend. This can cause a lot of conflict at home and with your girl! Here are some tips to make things go easier.

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If your boyfriend or girlfriend is diabetic, and your not, can they give you something, or anythingg?

DM is not contagious. If they have athlete's foot, then yes you could catch it if you both walk in the same wet shower. If they have strep throat of a staph infection then yes you could catch it,... Read More »

How to Convince Your Girlfriend She Doesn't Need a Designer Handbag?

Cute and unique is always betterIs your girlfriend buttering you up because her birthday is coming up and all she can think of is designer handbags? Are you sweating it because the wallet isn't so ... Read More »

GUYS , honestly if you dont want to give your girlfriend your facebook password what are the reasons behind it?

There are a million reasons. He probably wants to communicate privately with friends without the fear of you reading and analyzing what he writes. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? How would you fee... Read More »

Not a real situation but if your 13 and your girlfriend has a baby what is the percentage they will make you give it up for adoption?

The percentage is very high unless you have the support of your parents.