How to Convince Your Man to Get a Cat?

Answer This is how to convince your boyfriend to get a cat.

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How do you convince your dad to allow your family to move back to your home and continue to support us?

Answer This is between your mother and father and there must be good reasons on their part why you are living where you are. You may not be happy where you are, but perhaps your father had no choic... Read More »

How do you convince your mom to let you live with your sister who lives in a different state?

maybe you could tell her how nice it is, safe, wonderful, you really miss your sister,you are old enough,she can come visit,prove yourself to be responsible by helping out even when you are not ask... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents That Your Friends Are Good People?

Feeling frustrated because your parents aren't completely digging your friends? Maybe they just need a little convincing to see what you see in them. Here's some advice.

How to Convince Your Friend's Parents to Let Your Friend Sleep Over?

Convincing the parents of your friend to let you stay over can be extremely easy, or difficult depending on the persons involved.