How to Convince Your Girlfriend She Doesn't Need a Designer Handbag?

Answer Cute and unique is always betterIs your girlfriend buttering you up because her birthday is coming up and all she can think of is designer handbags? Are you sweating it because the wallet isn't so ... Read More »

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How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You a Designer Bag?

An authentic classic Coach purse.Your life was perfect. Until... bam. Designer bags are popping up faster than you can say 'Louis Vuitton', in the hands of your friends, family, people you pass on ... Read More »

How to Become a Handbag Designer?

Designing purses can be both fun and profitable.Handbags can range from simple and utilitarian to all flash and fashion, and everything in between. If you intend to design them, learn both ends of ... Read More »

Do you think 7 is too young to have a designer handbag?

Not only do I think 7 is too old to have a designer bag, I think that 7 is to old to even know what a designer bag is.OMG what is that child going to wear to her senior prom, or her wedding for tha... Read More »

If your ex has sole physical custody but you are entitled to having your kids spend the night once a week can that be taken away because you live with your girlfriend and she doesnt approve?

AnswerThere has to be a reason she doesn't approve. Either the girlfriend is not someone your ex feels the children should be around , or she is jealous. In which she will need to move on. As long ... Read More »