How to Convince Someone to Break up With Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Answer Everyone has been there. With either a intense desire to protect the person or wanting them for themself, it's time to convince them to break up with their current squeeze.

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How to Break Up With Someone and Not Hurt Their Feelings?

Here is how to break-up with someone and not hurt their feelings. It can be hard to not hurt someones feelings. But sometimes, breaking-up is the right thing to do if things aren't working out.

How to Break Up with Someone and Remain Their Friend?

Anyone can break up with someone, but it takes a lot of effort to stay friends. In fact, most people feel that it is impossible. The more intense the relationship, the more difficult it can be to m... Read More »

How to Break up With Someone Without Hurting Their Feelings?

breaking up is hard. it probably hurts both you and your girlfriend/boyfriend. just read this and show you how to break up with someone.

Poll: Would you break up with someone if they chewed with their mouth open and refuse to stop doing it?

if the food does not come out of his/her mouth it is ok to remain friendship.but when all the food start to spill out from his/her mouth when the mouth from her/him.wide then i would shun away.i w... Read More »