How to Convince Someone That Everything Is Fine?

Answer Everyone has those days where they just want people to leave them alone, but they won't stop being asked if everything is fine or if they are okay. Learn how to make them stop.

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I have a lexmark 3500 4500 printer that worked fine at home but now at college it does everything except print?

Do you get any error message when you print? Try to update/ repair your printer software by downloading the driver from the Lexmark website.

How to Convince Someone That He/She Is Dreaming?

This can be used as an excellent April Fool's Day joke. Make sure you pick the right person when attempting this. This person (preferably) should be a little gullible!

Can someone tell me everything that has to be done for you to get your tongue pierced?

Every piercer is different. What mine did was, made me wash my mouth out, dried my tongue with a tissue, clamped it, and pierced it. It's a pretty simple and fast process. Watch some videos on YouT... Read More »

How can you make someone understand that the time for reading books and websites and watching talk shows is when everything is going smoothly and not while the abuser is having one of his tantrums?

Answer You have to ask yourself why it's important you care whether this person understands or not. In fact, it sounds like they think you're making the whole thing up. If this is a good friend o... Read More »